The Philosophy

 runnerAlmost everyone experiences an injury at some sort in their lives, whether it is from a sports activity, car accident, or possibly a work injury. We have trained chiropractors that can work with you to restore function and motion.

From new injuries like a sprained ankle to old nagging injuries that remain from a football game two years ago, we assess the muscles and joints surrounding the injury and propose a treatment plan to get you back to good health. Treatment plans usually consist of a multifaceted approach.

Rehabilitation Chiropractic

Rehabilitation Chiropractic is a specialty branch of Chiropractic which focuses on injuries and conditions unique to the active patient, as well as promoting principles of physical fitness. Restoring kinetic chain functioning is fundamental to the sports or rehabilitation chiropractor. Manual methods are used, such as spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation and mobilization, and myofascial release and muscle energy techniques.

Exercise programs focus on stabilizing posture by addressing issues such as balance, core, stretching tightened postural muscles and strengthening reciprocally weakened muscles.The concepts can be applied to athletes as well as those with injuries.

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